Frequently Asked Questions

When will the next Snap Summit event be held?

Our next snap summit is being held on 24 April 2022. This half-day online event is dedicated to unearthing the progress made, dissecting the challenges to be met and establishing the state-of-play across the hydrogen ecosystem in 2023.

Please check the H2 View Event home page for further information.

When is the next in-person event?

H2 View will be holding their next in-person event on 22 and 23 2023 at the Science Museum, London. ‘A Successful Ecosystem for Green Hydrogen’ will dissect the requirements to truly realise a green hydrogen fuelled future across Industrials, transport and society. The 1.5 day event will tackle all sides of the energy ecosystem from wind and solar power requirements through to additionality, water sustainability, electrolyser technologies and investment and policy climate.  Further details can be found here.

What events are H2 View planning in 2023?

Following ‘A Successful Ecosystem for Green Hydrogen’ Event which is being held at the Science Museum, H2 View will bring together the hydrogen community in New York for our annual event. Please check the H2 View Event website for updates.

Can H2 View help with my hotel reservations near the venue?

We organise a special discounted rate for attendees of our events at partner hotels. To make your room reservation, please contact the reservation department at the hotel and quote the discount code which will be sent to you on confirmation of booking an attendance package to attend the H2 View event.

What do I do about my flight reservation?

H2 View cannot be held responsible for any bookings with 3rd parties. Please contact the 3rd party directly.



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