H2 View is the leading global hydrogen publication. We are the go-to source for hydrogen energy news, views and information through our website, print and digital magazines, webinars, newsletters and events.

Providing a balanced and impartial viewpoint about what’s going on in the hydrogen sector, the H2 View team is backed up by an Editorial Advisory Board of key stakeholders in the hydrogen value chain, including two representatives from the Hydrogen Council.

From fuel cells to electrolysers, policy to roll out, and everything in between, stay up to date with H2 View and H2 View Events!

In-person Events

H2 View events are dedicated to addressing the many-splintered topics within the hydrogen economy. Our events aim to provide excellent opportunities for networking between hydrogen suppliers, end-users and equipment innovators alike, as well as providing insight into the latest trends, market developments and technologies across the hydrogen supply chain.

Snap Summits

Our Snap Summits provide invaluable digital networking opportunities in this exciting and ever-growing new space for suppliers, innovators, technologists and end-users. Snap Summits are built around an extensive agenda that includes keynotes, live sessions, breakouts, and more. When attending a H2 View Snap Summit you can expect live chat, Q&As, interactive live sessions and presentations.

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