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Making Hydrogen Happen

As part of our pre-launch, those interested in Making Hydrogen Happen in New York with H2 View will be able to register their interest in the event or request exhibition space and sponsorship packages.

A H2 View event devoted to realising the power of hydrogen’s potential in North America, at a time when the outlook in policy and investment has never looked so optimistic and plentiful across the value chain.

Following the passing of the widely-lauded Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) last year, many believe the US has taken a pragmatic lead in its path forward in hydrogen and clean energy.

Against the backdrop of emerging hydrogen hubs and growing investment portfolios across the US and North America as a whole, the stage is set for a powerful vision in green hydrogen to be realised. Yet in exploring what needs to happen next, we know there are still many equally robust questions to be answered:

  • Who are the actors and what do they need to bring to that stage? 
  • What do investors look for in green hydrogen projects, and why?
  • What do we need to see to tip the balance in final investment decisions (FIDs)?
  • Is collaboration and a proven business case enough?
  • What’s lacking in the wider ecosystem and how do we align these pillars?
  • What now for policy, and where?
  • Where are the quick wins in leveraging existing infrastructure and opportunities?

These are just some of the questions to be addressed as the hydrogen market evolves and matures with momentum.

Join H2 View in New York, arguably the quintessential business and investment capital of the world, for a 1.5 day event devoted to thought leadership, insights and actionable takeaways in the green hydrogen ecosystem.

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