Building Bridges: Hydrogen hubs and investment

In November 2021, President Joe Biden signed into law the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The new legislation features a suite of hydrogen-specific provisions aimed at driving large-scale deployment and investment for the US hydrogen industry.

Included within this is $8bn of funding to create at least four regional hubs to demonstrate the production, processing, delivery, storage and end-use of clean hydrogen. These hubs will turbo-charge the nation’s progress toward heavy trucking and industrial sectors that run without producing carbon pollution – and they may just provide the path forward to a hydrogen-fuelled future.

Whilst the US has been giving chase in a race to green hydrogen dominated by Europe and Asia-Pacific, could now be the time we see the nation take the lead? With California and Texas vying to be America’s hydrogen capital today, where are the hubs of tomorrow?

Further still, what can other states, and countries, learn from California’s success story? And how can we build bridges to a successful flow of international investment?

These are exactly the questions H2 View’s North American Hydrogen Summit 2022, which we are hosting in partnership with the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership (H2FCP), will endeavour to answer as we look at the diversity of what’s popping up across the US.


This event will also explore the investment climate and look at the various areas of mobility, not least why fuel cell buses are the canaries in the coal mine of hydrogen transportation.

Join us in San Francisco on July 14-15 as we take H2 View events to America’s original clean hydrogen hub and all come together to help make hydrogen happen.



14th - 15 Jul 2022


Welcome Networking Reception

6:00pm - 10.00pm


Keynote Speaker

08:30am - 09:30am

Session 1
Hydrogen Hubs: In action

09:30am - 11:10am

Networking Break

11:10am - 11:30am

Session 2: Hydrogen Hubs: Emerging

11:30am - 1:10pm

Networking Event Lunch

1.10pm - 2:10pm

Session 3: International Investment

2:10pm - 3:10

Networking Break

3.10pm - 3.30pm

Session 4: Fuelling the Mobility Market

3:30pm - 6.00pm

Closing Keynote

Networking Dinner

7:00pm - 10:00pm


Nicolas Pocard

Vice President Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

Ballard Power Systems

Jenna Peth

Legislative Assistant

Van Ness Feldman

R. Rex Parris

Lancaster Mayor

City of Lancaster

David Raney

Executive Director

Texas Hydrogen Alliance

Brenor Brophy

Vice President of Project Development

Plug Power Inc.

Devinder Mahajan

Director of the Institute of Gas Innovation and Technology

Stony Brook University

Adam Weber

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Lab Program Manager

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

James C Kenney

Cabinet Secretary

New Mexico Environment Department

Hugo Wagner

Strategic Technology Partnerships Manager

Airbus Americas, Inc

Alejandro Perellón

Investment Director - Americas


Michael Hoban

General Manager Hydrogen

Chevron New Energies

Ryan Sookhoo

Director New Initiatives


Cory Shumaker

Head of Business Development - Americas

Hyzon Motors

Michael Hursh

General Manager

AC Transit

Jonathan Lewis

Senior Counsel and Director of Transportation Decarbonisation

Clean Air Task Force

Bill Elrick

Executive Director

California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP)

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The Grand Hyatt

Venue Details

Grand Hyatt San Francisco sits in the heart of downtown right next to iconic Union Square. It’s the perfect starting point for exploring the many sights the Bay Area has to offer with convenient access to many local attractions.

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