Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Vehicles Snap Summit

Internal Combustion Engines & The Road Ahead

H2 View Snap Summit, in partnership with gasworld.

Few topics garner as much interest and fervour in hydrogen mobility than the internal combustion engine (ICE).

A tangible, real-world touchpoint that we’re all familiar with across highways and byways the world over, the ICE remains the most dominant powertrain ‘under the hood’ in passenger cars, light-duty vehicles, heavy-duty trucks so many other day-to-day modes of transport. It’s one of the most recognisable use cases in society today.

Yet it’s also arguably the application under the greatest spotlight, for all the same reasons. The regulations limiting greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) from motor vehicles continue to tighten, globally; the transport sector continues to drive down a path of decarbonisation, at increasing speed; and the race is on establish the appropriate technology route for our end goal of Net Zero.

‘Enjoy the journey and the destination will follow’ as the adage goes. For the mobility sector, it’s about both the destination and the journey – and both hydrogen engines and hydrogen fuel cells are enjoying ever-growing significance.

Against this backdrop, gasworld and H2 View are coming together to discuss, debate and educate around the need and opportunity for hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles in a new and engaging Snap Summit this November…

Sparking your interest, fuelling your knowledge

H2 View will build on its previous Snap Summits and in-person events in the areas of mobility to provide a half-day digital event devoted to the topic of hydrogen and fuel cell powertrains.

Both hydrogen internal combustion engines and hydrogen fuel cells can power vehicles using hydrogen, a zero-carbon fuel. They also offer complementary use cases. But how readily known are these exciting capabilities, and where are the most compelling use cases and technologies to power them?

Join gasworld and H2 View this November to gain the answers to these questions, and so many more besides. If internal combustion engines and hydrogen mobility spark your interest, this is the platform for you.

Free to attend, available on-demand and with a wealth of informed speakers across three focused sessions, this Snap Summit is your one-stop-shop for all things hydrogen and fuel cell mobility.

Under the theme of Internal Combustion Engines & The Road Ahead, the Summit’s progressive agenda will deliver the experts and insights to drive debate and provide key takeaways to help companies strategise their future role in the clean mobility sector of both today and tomorrow.

Don’t miss it on 15th November, and don’t pass up on this opportunity to get your questions answered and your impressions made – there’s mileage in every question raised!


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