As part of our pre-launch, those interested in Making Hydrogen Happen in New York with H2 View will be able to register their interest in the event or request exhibition space and sponsorship packages.


Whether your goal is to maximise your brand exposure, set yourself apart from your competitors or achieve premium publicity ahead of the hydrogen community – all our H2 View hydrogen summits have bespoke packages that can be tailored to suit your business needs and marketing goals. As a H2 View event sponsor we put your brand and company completely in the spotlight.

We are offering a range of personalised sponsorship positions at the event, that will allow you to showcase your brand or company to leading industry professionals. We want to offer you levels of exclusivity on all things hydrogen and tailor packages to help promote your company’s future endeavours.


For further details on each of our Sponsorship Packages specifics, please more information below. During our pre-launch of this event you are able to request packages you may be interested in.



Maximise your brand exposure and set yourself apart from your competitors with the Headline Sponsorship package, with exclusive sponsorship of the Event Lunch, allowing you to capture delegates mid-way through the day when they are most eager to network and connect with industry leaders.


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Signature Sponsors have exclusive sponsorship of the Welcome Reception or Coffee Breaks, giving you the opportunity to get right in front of the delegates when they are relaxed and keen to make vital business connections.

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The Supporting packages give you the opportunity to brand individual products at the event, giving your company added visibility and publicity to all of the attendees.

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If you’re looking to maintain and raise a profile in the industry, and want an opportunity of presenting products and ideas to the region’s leading decision makers and opinion formers, this package is perfect. Split between the four core pillars – Mobility, Power, Policy and Technology.

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Grow your visibility and engage directly with our attendees in the palm of their hands. “The H2 View Events App: Sponsored by your company”) gives you the opportunity for your brand to be associated with the leading global hydrogen publication and our mission of Making Hydrogen Happen.

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